Asia Pop Culture is an English site dedicated to the culture of Asia as a tribute to where I was born and brought up.  We use traditional Chinese and Mandarin when necessary.

Hoping to bring more awareness and understanding of the cultural difference between the East and West, we cover a wide range of interesting topics in Asia including music, movies and unusual news and events that we come across.

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茗田閣(Asia Pop Culture)

主編輯: 程韻桐 (筆名)


多年"全球化"過程導致所有的文化元素不斷的變動和改造,萬物相互關聯, 茗田閣 (Asia Pop Culture) 心願是改進東西文化交流與理解。

我們在這裡主用英文寫與亞洲相關文化話題, 例如音樂,電影, 和不尋常的生活新聞和事件. 同時在此也對我成長的故鄉作為一個致敬. 請經常光臨指教.