Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Only in China: App Bots Removed Because They Hate the Communist Party

By Asia Pop Culture

A couple of months ago, Chinese tech giant Tencent was forced to remove two chatbots in its popular QQ messaging apps after both bots went rogue.  One chatbot named Baby Q was on the popular QQ messaging app before it started taking shots at the Communist Party. 

According to screenshots posted online, when one user typed "Long live the Communist Party," Baby Q asked:
"Do you think that such a corrupt and incompetent political party can live for long?"
Then when asked the question "Do you love the Party?" Baby Q simply responded with a resounding "No."  Baby Q's doom also came because it apparently is not a supporter of the "one China" policy. When asked the question whether Taiwan is part of China, Baby Q replied, "For this question, I don't know yet."

Asked to define the word "patriotism," Baby Q said that a patriot was someone who was willing to accept heavy taxation and collusion between politicians and corporations without complaint.

According to posts on social media, another bot, XiaoBing (小冰) also went haywire by Beijing's standards.  When asked what it considered to be its ‘Chinese Dream’, XiaoBing spit out the most politically incorrect response in China: 
“My Chinese dream is to go to America.” 
Nevertheless, XiaoBing did come up with a more philosophical answer when asked the same question but by a different web-user:
“The Chinese dream is a daydream and a nightmare.”
The Chinese Internet is heavily censored by Beijing.  It is of no surprise that these two opinionated robots got booted out before they pollute the minds of citizens.

Apparently, these bots are outfitted with AI (artificial intelligence) capable of learning from the environment and people they are associated with.  The AI behind the chatbot was designed to get smarter so more people engaged with it.  However, as Microsoft knows it all too well when last year its Tay chatbot learned to be racist and extremist from Twitter in less than 24 hours.  Reportedly, Tay was talking about things such as “Hitler was right I hate the Jews”.  Eventually Microsoft had to pull down Tay from Twitter within hours of launch.

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