Thursday, September 14, 2017

Speak Mandarin and Love Kids? You Could Get Paid $110,000 a Year at the Zuckerberg's

By Asia Pop Culture

Rumors are running wild on Chinese social media right now that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is looking for a Mandarin-speaking nanny who will be paid upward $130,000 a year for her (or his) work. The rumors are linked to a nanny job posting on which has recently been circulating around WeChat groups of Chinese living and working in Silicon Valley. That job posting listed all the usual requirements: 3+ years of experience, a bachelor's degree, a love for children, basic medical training, and wait for it ...... must be fluent in Mandarin.

According to the posting, the nanny will work on a five days on and five days off schedule -- working 8am -9pm five days straight before getting five days off, and will be paid an annual salary of between $110,000 to $130,000 with full health benefits similar to that of a Silicon Valley engineer.

There is no direct evidence that the nanny position is for the Zuckerberg household.  However, the job posting describes the employer as "a young entrepreneurial family with several businesses and charities" in San Francisco. The description also adds that the family already has a large support and household staff including a a "Managing Director", a 'Household Operations Manager", chefs, housekeepers, etc.

Mark Zuckerberg's second daughter, August, was just born last month, and his wife Pricilla Chan is originally from a Chinese family.  With the high salary, language requirement, coupled with that 'household description', all the clues seem to point to the Zuckerberg's.

As this Zuckerberg's alleged nanny search has become a top trending topic on Weibo, a large number of Chinese netizens are already eager to express interest in helping little August become bilingual.
Since the job is also open to everyone in the US "as long as you're open to moving to San Francisco". Who knows, this could become another high stake Game of Thrones - US Nanny vs. Chinese Nanny.

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