Thursday, June 8, 2017

Taking a Ride on A 'Forest Bus' in Taipei

By Asia Pop Culture

Ever imagine yourself sitting on the green grass in a forest with trees all around (preferably with some zen music)?  That is a classical image of a relaxing and serene environment.  Would it be nice if you can actually ride in a car or bus in such surrounding?  Taiwan has just made that a reality.

A "forest bus" is going to start its service last month when passengers will be able to sit on the grass in the bus, and enjoy the ride around Taipei city in a plant filled bus.

This is part of the concept of integrating more green space into cities, and The bus is themed as “a boy’s imaginary forest” . Two florists in Taipei decorated the bus with Taiwan's local seasonal plants making the “forest bus” the very first of its kind.

The bus started service from May 24 to May 28.  The ordinary single-deck city bus has been converted into a travelling green house decorated with orchids, ginger lilies and a variety of ferns.  It is running on a special route through Taipei, with stops including an art museum, a popular temple and a night market.

This is a toll-free bus running on a week-long trial, and takes around 20 passengers. Reactions have been enthusiastic so far, with passengers queueing and hoping it will become a permanent attraction in Taipei.

I imagine the upkeep will be challenging on a longer term and larger scale.  Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting and beautiful experience smelling the scent of summer on the bus and see the vibrant green plants...

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