Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Britney's First Ever "Live" Concert in Taipei

By Asia Pop Culture

Coldplay had its first ever concert in Taiwan in April.  Britney Spears now has also discovered Asia as the next 'emerging market' to tap since her career has past the prime in the US.  Britney performed her first ever concert in Taipei on June 13.  Of course we could not be there in person with Britney, but thanks to YouTube, we managed to catch a glimpse of the concert.

The concert venue -- Nangang Exhibition Center -- has hosted acts like Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and Kylie Minogue throughout the past few years.  Ticket prices range from $56 USD with no seat to $254 USD for a VIP seat are pretty steep given the prevalent low wage/salary level in Taiwan.  Apple Daily reported many fans spending close to $400 USD to charter a bus from out of town just to see their idol.  One viewer commented on YouTube that the concert ticket sale is not that high.

So what do the fans get?  First of all, Britney lip-sync the whole thing.  That is not uncommon considering Madonna did the same even in the prime of her career.  Britney has been famous for a long time with many hit songs.  Fans will be happy to pay just to see her on stage lip-sync.

I personally think if you can't sing live like Coldpay, at least give the audience a great show, dance with some flair and drama.  With this concert, Britney seems to come up short in her less than energetic dancing moves.  

I guess Britney can get away with anything as long as she does some raunchy moves with skimpy clothes on stage.  I honestly doubt she would perform the same way in the US or Europe. By the way, Britney did manage to grab the international headline when she kissed her 23-year old boyfriend Sam Asghari on stage, mid-concert.

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