Monday, May 15, 2017

Zodiac Sign Matters in Getting Hired in Taiwan

By Asia Pop Culture

In the US, the factors weigh more in a job search typically include education, experience, professional certifications and even referrals. The zodiac sign of a job applicant is most likely a non-factor in employer's decision to extend an offer.  However, in Taiwan, it seems a job applicant's zodiac sign could play a much more significant role in an employer's hiring decision.

Taiwan News reported an interesting finding by a poll 1111 Job Bank recently released.  The poll surveyed the HR and management of several Taiwanese companies, and showed around 70% of the survey participating companies spend less than one minute to glace at job seeker’s resume.  One of the determining factors affecting employer's hiring decision after a job interview -- the job seeker's zodiac sign.

The poll conducted last month showed 30% of the employers have preferences to hire workers born under the fire signs -- Aries, Libra, and Leo are the top three most popular.  The least popular are all water sign zodiacs -- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

According to the experience of senior HRs, Aries employees are efficient and motivated, Libras are fair-minded with great social skills, while Leos are passionate and have leadership ability.

The astrological interpretation of personality traits of fire signs is take-charge, quick to react, passionate, dynamic, but also temperamental, and stubborn.  Water signs typically are described as intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive.  I can see why employers prefer the fire signs employees for their proactive and problem solving propensity, whereas water signs seem a bit high maintenance. The same logic also indicates many Taiwan companies to have various office conflict situations with fire sign employees butting heads with one another.  

My thought is that if all of us may simply be defined and boxed in by the 12 star signs born under, then the world is a pretty sad place to be. The fact is that people, even with the same star sign, have different personality and skills from different up-bringing, frame of reference, etc.  Success of any company requires team work.  For a team to work, you need members from diverse background and experience.  So this star sign preference makes little sense to me.

However, since preference on some special zodiac signs when recruiting new employees is not against the labor law and Taiwan's Employment Services Act (equivalent to the Equal Employment Opportunity in the US), I guess anyone interested in finding a job in Taiwan should know that your star sign could determine whether you get hired or not.

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