Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wolverine Spotted at a Night Market in Taipei

By Asia Pop Culture

I just got a chance to see the movie "Logan" last weekend partly because the two leading men international stars visited Taiwan.  Hugh Jackman, the Aussie actor playing Wolverine in the X-Man movie series, and Patrick Stewart, the English actor who plays Professor X arrived at Taiwan on Sunday, Feb. 26  to promote their film "Logan."  Logan is supposed to be the last installment of Wolverine as the center character movies.  Reportedly, Taiwan was the only Asian stop in the film's international promotion tour.

At the press conference on Feb. 28, both actors were given Taiwanese glove puppets in the likeness of their X-Men characters from the movie company 20th Century Fox.  Jackman said he would try to keep them away from his children.

Taiwan News also cited that when asked about his impression of Taiwan, Jackman said he tried the Taiwanese street dishes stinky tofu and chicken heart, and found them very delicious. He was also impressed by Taiwanese traditional culture. One news report noted that during his last promotional tour in Taiwan, Jackman promised fans to bring Patrick Stewart along next time.  During the Logan press conference, Patrick Stewart also said he will have a part of Taiwan in his heart and mind forever.

Jackman was not kidding about liking Taiwan's famous dishes.  Since he has been to Taipei before so he sort of know his way around the city.  He was spotted by netizens at Raohe Street Night Market on Monday night after he attended the premiere of his new movie "Logan" at Taipei 101.

The picture shows Jackman walking in the Night Market like a regular citizen, albeit surrounded by very polite Taiwan fans.  (I assume the scary-looking dude behind him was his bodyguard.)

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