Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hardworking Chinese Robots Sorting 200,000 Packages a Day

By Asia Pop Culture 

While the Chinese economy may not be as robust as it used to be, China still delivered over 30 billion packages in 2016. That's roughly 2.5 billion packages a month or 82 million a day. It also equates to about 22 packages for every single Chinese citizen, according to data from the State Post Bureau via Caixin.

While a lot of that is accomplished by many hardworking couriers including horseback deliveries during heavy snow in Inner Mongolia, robots are taking over more and more of it.  The video published by People's Daily shows the inner-workings of a sorting center run by the Chinese delivery giant STO Express. The STO facility, with dozens of self-charging robots, is able to sort 200,000 packages a day.  The company said it is able to save 70% on costs over human workers who are unable to sort packages 24/7 for no money.


Of course, US-based internet commerce giant Amazon is one of the pioneers employing robots in its massive fulfillment operation, while single handedly crushed many brick and mortar retail stores along the way.

You often hear how machine/robot will replace human one day. These two videos certainly put things in perspective.  Our advice is improve your brain power to get ahead of those robots.  College (and beyond) education is still worth it as a way to win better job prospect and security (at least over robots).    

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