Thursday, April 6, 2017

Taiwan's President Tsai Featured in a Rap Music Video

By Asia Pop Culture

We have not posted a music video for a while, and just came across an interesting one to share with everyone.  This is an English rapping MV by Dog G, a.k.a. Dwagie (大支), a Taiwanese rapper, best known for using Taiwanese in his performances, who wrote this song titled "Light Up Taiwan".

What is so special about this MV?  In addition to the full English rapping lyrics, Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) also made a guest appearance.  The song was released last week partly to promote Taiwan tourism to the international community.


In the first part of the song and MV, Dwagie takes a stab at clearing up the endless confusion of Westerners regarding Taiwan and Thailand (they are not the same), as well as its status as a "province" of China or an independent country.

Then he highlights "U see the MIT, cuz it's made in Taiwan..." to showcase the industrial advances and tech innovation of Taiwan over the years, from tires, hard drives, laptops, smartphones to the dress worn by Michelle Obama, designed by Jason Wu, who was born in Taipei.

Then Dwagie went over famous people with Taiwanese connections including NBA player Jeremy Lin, MLB athlete Wang Chien-ming, Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, Dr. David Ho, who developed HIV cocktail therapy, and Academy Award-winning film director Ang Lee.

Of course, no MV about Taiwan would be complete without mentioning the food, bubble tea, hot springs, night markets, and what a wonderful travel destination the island is. In fact, Taiwan was ranked 12th among 21 places ranked as "Best Trips 2015" by National Geographic.

The song also gives a short history about Taiwan's transition to democracy, and rule by Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese. Part of the lyrics also ask Xi Jinping to remove the estimated 1,300 ballistic missiles pointed at Taiwan, not to mention the one and only carrier of China frequently wandering the Taiwan Strait -- "jets and tanks and wars taking lives."  Towards the end, Dwagie calls Taiwan "the unsinkable aircraft carrier."

While we refrain from commenting on the artistic element of the MV, one thing evident is that the MV containing subtle pro independent message.  The video does give a quick overview of some of the things Taiwan has accomplished.  However, it conveniently neglects to mention the infrastructure programs such as Ten Major Construction Projects (十大建設) launched by the Nationalist Party (KMT or Kuomintang) during the 70's which is the foundation of the "Taiwan Miracle".

Well, nobody can completely alter or erase history, no matter how hard they try.  Meanwhile, let's just enjoy this MV to get to know Taiwan a little better.  

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