Monday, April 3, 2017

Stretch Limo Scooter Spotted in Taipei

By Asia Pop Culture

Taiwan News reported that two pictures of a modified scooter in New Taipei City were recently posted on a social networking site.  Apparently, this original two-seat scooter was modified into a 'stretched limo' scooter expanding the 'passenger capacity'.  

According to Taiwan News, the scooter was modified by a Taiwanese film crew to shoot the Taiwanese musical film "52 Hz, I Love You". After shooting wrapped, the film crew displayed the modified scooter on the Taipei streets as a promotion for the movie.

Many people have seen the usual scooter in Taipei and left comments such as "Is this real?", "Looks like a hearse!"  Our take is that Safety First when it comes to driving any vehicle, and this not only looks like a hearse, it most definitely is not suitable for any transportation and belongs in a display show room only.  

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