Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fake Friends for Rent To Pose In Social Media?

By Asia Pop Culture

Admit it, most of us do not have that kind of glamorous life (and pictures) to showcase on Facebook, Instagram like celebrities and socialites.  So, what you do you do to spruce up your social media life? Some may say I will only hang out with people who can take cool selfies, or take a trip and post videos and pictures from an exotic location.

OR....  you can hire someone to help you make those spectacular selfies and photos that others can only envy and want to be your friend.  Yes, introducing Real Appeal which specializes in just this sort of things.

Real Appeal is the latest entrant of the Japanese business world. The company is a subsidiary of Family Romance. Family Romance got its start by providing fake significant others to attend family functions.  So the Real Appeal apple does not fall far from the Family Romance tree.  The goal of Real Appeal is to make its customers appear so popular that they move up in the world via a selfie stick and a wide smile.

According to Weird Asia News, Real Appeal’s specialty is portraying its customers in the best possible light on social media. Customers can go to the Real Appeal site to select potential “friends” from a catalog of Real Appeal staff members. Customers can choose based on age, sex, and physical attractiveness. Once selected, a staff member shows up and will pose in social media photos for two hours. The price for the service is 8,000 yen, which is about $70. You can buy as many “friends” as you would like, but the customer is responsible for covering all the travel expenses and meals for their new “friends.”

I'm not sure how anybody could justify paying someone $70 just to take a picture with?  But in this day and age when people are so fascinated with the Kardashians, et al, $70 could be a small price to pay for looking cool on social media? Nevertheless, Real Appeal’s belief is that your social media accounts will make you appear to be so much fun that all of a sudden, strangers and coworkers will decide you are worth hanging out with in person.

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