Thursday, April 20, 2017

Only in China: 'Building Shaker' to Avenge Noisy Neighbors

By Asia Pop Culture

Unless you live on acres of land with no nearby neighbors, you most likely have been annoyed by some of the things your neighbor(s) did seriously disrupting your live.  For example, if you live in a inner-city condo building sharing wall(s) or ceiling/floor with neighbors, your life would be in near-hell if one of your neighbors constantly plays loud music at night or smokes like a chimney. Typically, there is not much you can do except to go talk to the offender or report it to Property Management or police.  

Well, here is an idea for you.  According to Shanghaiist, a man living in Xi'an city at Shaanxi Province in China was also having problems with his noisy upstairs neighbors. The upstairs family has a young boy who likes to jump around disturbing his rest. The guy did go upstairs to talk to the family about the situation, but nothing changed.

Looking to give the noisy neighbors a taste of their own medicine, this guy went online at Taobao and bought a "building shaker" for 400 yuan (about $60). Powered by a motor, the machine is designed to continually thump against walls.  So at 8 p.m. on a Friday night, he switched the machine on and left his flat for the weekend.

With the constant thumping on their floor over the weekend, the neighbors went to the property management office, but there was nothing the management company could do to help. So the neighbors contacted the police who were unable to track the guy down (he had left for the weekend, remember?). 

Finally, it was not until Sunday afternoon after the machine had been thumping for nearly two days straight, the guy returned to his flat and the police was able to get him to turn off that machine.

Of course, it's not clear if the guy was punished for his act of revenge.  This will most likely get you into a whole lot of trouble with the police in the US.  I am not even sure how this 'building shaker' machine is utilized in a normal application.  On Taoboa, the item headline in Chinese says "Prevent Upstairs Noise with Multi Functional Remote Control".  The price range is about $13 to $60.  I guess that guy just bought the largest model and correctly used it for its intended purpose.  

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