Wednesday, April 19, 2017

One Tiger Mom Gone Totally Postal in China (Video)

By Asia Pop Culture

Shanghaiist reported a very disturbing event via a cell phone video which has gone viral on Chinese social media.  The video shows an extremely mad mother attacking a little girl for stepping on her little boy.  The comments and reactions from most netizens are blaming the little girl for starting the fight, calling her "demented" and "vicious."

This incident took place at a play area in a shopping mall in Hangzhou, China. While the kids were playing, a little girl stepped on the son of the main raging yelling female character of the video.

The little girl's parents repeatedly apologized to the boy's mom, but it did nothing to calm her down. Soon, the woman completely lost it and started demanding apologies from the girl while clawing her out of her mother's arms.  Her husband, who seemed the only cooler head on scene, held her back with their crying son in his arms.

The yelling match is in Mandarin Chinese, but should require no translation.  Ringside seat watching the video below:

Shanghaiist reported that after watching the video, many Chinese netizens have blamed the little girl, pointing out how in the video she is seen pushing another child while the mothers argue.
 "This little girl is demented and vicious. Stepping on a boy's head, refusing to apologize, and at the same time pushing another girl. How can she be so small and so vicious? What will happen when she grows up?" reads the top comment on one Weibo thread with over 10,000 likes.
What is shocking (to me) is that few of the comments criticize the mother for completely going postal, according to Shanghaiist.  Nevertheless, many have praised the father for keeping his cool in the situation.

I think that little girl's behavior may not be acceptable thus provoking the other overly protective mom (to put it nicely); however, that does not justify the very bad behavior by the crazy screaming mom.  The whole event is too traumatic for any kids and adults alike, and reflects poorly on the screaming mom's manners, family upbringing, and common sense.

This is better understood through the lens of a communist society and belief.  Communists thrive on creating chaos and conflicts among different social and economic classes. Behavior such as orchestrating conflict and betrayal within family members and friends are highly rewarded (and coveted) during the Cultural Revolution period.

Old habits die hard, and this kind of belief and value system seems to have survived even after Deng Xiaoping "modernization" effort. It is this "inheritance" from Mao's era that I believe makes perfect sense to explain the crazy mom's behavior and the comments from Chinese social media.

To be fair, the incident and behavior when a passenger was violently dragged off plane by United Airlines in Chicago is not any better, but at least the public outcry was fast and furious which is seriously lacking in this case in China. Perhaps conflict resolution ought to be a required course from junior high to college and graduate school in China and everywhere else?

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