Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump's Secret Diplomatic Weapon for China

By Asia Pop Culture


President Trump may talk tough to China regarding Taiwan, One China and many other issues, but he is fully aware not to irritate China too much.  That is where his daughter Ivanka and his 5-year old grand kid Arabella come in.

Ivanka and Arabella made headline news all over Asia when they made a surprise visit to a Lunar New Year party at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D. C. on Wed. Feb. 1. Although Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband, is Senior Advisor to President Trump, Ivanka herself doesn’t have an official role in her father’s administration.

 South China Morning Post commented that Ivanka's presence at a Lunar New Year diplomatic shindig, plus at the 104th annual Alfalfa Club dinner hints that she might be a White House proxy in social Washington.

The short YouTube video above shows Ivanka Trump exited a black SUV with her daughter, Arabella, and shook the hand of Ambassador Cui Tiankai.   Ivanka was dressed in black, a proper Washington color, but Arabella was dressed in red, a traditional color of choice for the Lunar New Year celebration.

They were filmed listening to traditional music, admiring crafts and playing with puppets.  Ivanka later posted a Instagram video of Arabella singing a song in Mandarin, which NDTV reports "further helping to quiet criticism after her father, President Donald Trump, broke with convention by not sending a personal New Year's greeting."

This is actually the 3rd video that I know of Ivanka posted involving Arabella and Mandarin Chinese. There was one video in November 2016 instantly gone viral in China with Arabella reciting the Tang Dynasty (618-907) poems in Chinese.  Another earlier video shows Arabella in pony tail reciting a Chinese nursery rhyme about a little white bunny.

Ivanka told the South China Morning Post four years ago that her daughter was studying Mandarin from a Chinese nanny. She added that she was also learning the language and she could "pretty much name every animal in the zoo."

Who knows?  Ivanka and Arabella may be Trump's secret diplomatic weapon for China acting as a flood gate to the words coming out out his mouth.      

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