Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Finding Puddng in 2017 Taipei Game Show

By Asia Pop Culture

Hello guys, it has been a while since we last posted here.  Our editorial team has been busy with other projects, but we promise to keep this site going to ultimately become a leading Asian culture content site in English language.

Today, we are going to cover the 2017 Taipei Game Show video game convention in Taiwan from Jan. 19 - 24, 2017. Apparently, the center of attention on Jan 23, the second-to-last day of the international gaming show was the appearance of Pudding, the cosplayer turned singer of of the mobile game "Tower of Saviors" (神魔之塔).

(Want to see more cool game videos from the convention?  Follow their Facebook page or check out  on Twitter.)

Graphic source: Taiwan News

Taiwan News reported that this is the 4th straight year Pudding attended this international game show convention. Supposedly she was going to get her degree and license in nursing before pursuing her dream of becoming a star.

Three years ago, she was working just as a showgirl at small exhibitions, then her break came when Tower of Saviors offered her the role playing a character from the game.  Since then, her Facebook fans mushroomed from 100,000 fans to over 57 million now.

To leverage her fame and fan base from Tower of Saviors, Pudding reportedly has spent the past three years training in singing, dancing, drama, and makeup.  She also joined Alfa Music last year, and has became a "TPI Taiwan Trainee" to join the girl group "Ciao," which is preparing to make their debut soon.

Whether she can parlay into a music and dancing career is yet to be seen, but at least she does have a fairly loyal fan base.  Many of her fans came in support of her when she hit the main stage at the convention.  Want to see more cool game videos from the convention?  Follow their Facebook page or check out  on Twitter.

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