Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lost in Translation?

By Asia Pop Culture

Take a look at the picture.  “A Time Sex Thing”, supposedly the English translation of the Chinese sign on the left, but the product picture in the middle is a disposable cup.  So how are these related to each other?  Is this an innovative marketing campaign escaped our comprehension?  Well, according to Weird Asia News, it is actually word-by-word mis-translation:   
...... The person who translated the Chinese phrase “一次性用品” might have looked up each morpheme in a Chinese-English dictionary and picked the shortest or simplest alternative in each case. In fact, “一次性用品,” if translated right, means.... “disposable.”
Ok, mystery solved.  I think foreigners must not have been the main source of shopper for this store.  The sign with English was displayed to imply imported Western merchandise in store?  Otherwise, I'm sure the store or product marketing people would have avoided this hilarious 'lost in translation'.