Tuesday, March 31, 2015

China Closing Down 66 Golf Courses to Conserve Water?

By Asia Pop Culture
Michelle Wie, Source: Golf.com

China has indeed taken environmental initiative to heart.  According to cankaoxiaoxi.com,   Chinese authorities have closed 66 golf courses that violated a rule implemented over 10 years ago which aimed at protecting arable land and saving water.

Additional reporting by Shanghaiist:

The National Development and Reform Commission released a statement on its website saying that "Governments at all levels and relevant State Council organs have proactively carried out golf course rectification work and have achieved phased results."

Below is a map of golf course closures in China from Shanghaiist.  We are not quite sure closing down golf courses is the best way to go about conserving water, but do applaud the effort.  Perhaps California could take a page from China in light of the epic drought the state is experiencing?   We will see.