Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Would You Like A Suarez Magic Biting Bottle Opener?

By Asia Pop Culture

Luis Suarez has been banned from playing football for four months by FIFA for his bite on Italy's Georgio Chiellini, and Adida immdiately dropped Suarez from its World Cup marketing program.   Netflix and McDonalds, while really have very little to do with Suarez could not miss this opportunity to do some real time marketing showing off their social media skills.

Here is Netflix tweet:

McDonalds Uruguay (Suarez is originally from Uruguay) also hit its 27.8k twitter followers with this:

Of course, some opportunistic Chinese merchants could not pass up this golden opportunity and came up with a "Suarez Magic Biting Bottle Opener" on Taobao (China's eBay and Amazon) for a promotional price of ¥17.50 (about $3).

Shanghaiist.com also reports that rumors have been afloat about a Chinese toothpaste manufacturer preparing to ask Suarez to star in a commercial with the slogan "No red card for biters who use this brand of toothpaste!" It reads better in Chinese.

Reportedly, Suarez initially denied biting Chiellini, but tweeted a public apology for his behavior at World Cup on Monday June. 30.  Regardless, I think the Suarez Biting Joke will be around for a good long time.