Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taiwan McDonald's Cashier in Sailor Outfit

By Asia Pop Culture

As part of the new year sales and giveaway promotion, McDonald's in Taiwan launched a "Change Your Outfit" party. The cashier girls already went through outfits of maid, flight attendant, but the sailor outfit seemed to have garnered the most attention and popularity.

Similar to Japan and other Asian countries, Kawaii (means cute, think Hello Kitty) is an extremely popular style that never goes out of fashion. And these two outfits in the picture fit the Kawaii to a T.

Taiwan's quality of service, it does not matter if you are in a 5-star hotel, or street food stand, is probably one of the very highest in the world.  Don't get me wrong, the wage level in Taiwan is quite low compared with that in the U.S.  McDonald cashier may be considered a minimum-wage job in the U.S., but converting to NT (Taiwan dollar), these girls do not get anywhere close to the U.S. minimum wage, but they work hard and always give customers speedy, courteous service with a big smile.

BTW, reportedly the girl with cute costume ears featured in the video has 40,000 followers on Facebook.  And no, I don't think those outfits would work as well for the McDonald's in the U.S.

Graphic Source: wownews