Monday, September 9, 2013

Teresa Teng Duet with Jay Chou in Opus Concert 2013

By AsiaPopCulture

Teresa Teng, one of the most popular mandopop performers in Asia, made a virtual appearance on Sept. 6 in Taipei, some 18 years after her passing away.  The performance, a duet with Jay Chou, was during Chou's Opus Concert 2013.  Of course, we already passed the Chinese Ghost Month, the resurrection was the work of digital high tech in front of 15,000 Chou's concert fans.

Jay Chou was able to accomplish this with the help of a California-based multimedia company Digital Domain 3.0 Inc.  Jay Chou and Teresa Teng did 3 songs together, two of Chou's hit songs and one of Teng's most popular old songs.

Teresa was born in Mainland China but grew up and was educated in Taiwan.  She died in Thailand at age of 42 in 1995.  Her popularity has reached into Mainland China beyond Taiwan and across Asia.  Although she was banned in China for several years, she and her songs remained popular thanks to the black market.  People often said she was as influential as Deng Xiaoping and nicknamed her "Little Deng".