Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are You Ready for Linsanity, The Movie?

Just when you think Jeremy Lin's Linsanity magic has run its course, a Linsanity movie is coming to selected U.S. cities on Oct. 4, 2013.  The movie is actually a documentary capturing Lin's rags-to-riches fairy tale. The film already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and is now ready for its theatrical and VOD release.

Overall, the movie seems to have received fairly good reviews from critics so far.

LA Time:  
The magic of the documentary “Linsanity” isn’t so much that it captures the stranger-than-fiction rise of Jeremy Lin from basketball nobody to NBA stardom. 
It’s that it makes you feel as if you could be watching someone you know — a brother, cousin, best friend — and that the moments being captured are as authentic as the New York Knicks jersey hanging from Lin’s shoulders.
...... what a piece of history it was. “Linsanity’’ offers a unique perspective on a unique moment in New York sports history.

At 6' 3" and medium build, Lin seems a lot more approachable and relatable than many NBA stars. Being Asian with a Harvard degree also has propelled him to the stardom becoming the Spokesman of choice for many big and popular Asian brands.

So even though Lin's performance with Houston Rockets might bear no comparison to his days at New York Knicks, he will be able to ride this 'Linsanity' gravy train for a long, long time.  Expect more monetization such as a biography book, a movie deal or two, and merchandising in the near future.  For the rest of us, watch the trailer below for a sneak peek of what the Linsanity movie is all about.