Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Great Escape by 1 million Cockroaches in China

Tomonews (watch the animated clip below) reported that over one million cockroaches escaped from a farm at  Dafeng in Jiangsu province, China after an "unknown perpetrator" damaged the greenhouse facility where they were raise for medicinal purpose.  This supposedly took place on Aug. 20, and the Disease control authorities have so far sent five investigators to the area to come up with a plan to stamp out the insects.
The roach farm owner reportedly spent six months developing a business plan and invested more than 100,000 yuan (£10,000) in 102 kilograms of eggs.  Tomonews said he is expected to make $160 per kilogram of roaches he sold.

According to Quartz, there's big money and a growing demand for roaches in China after a medical professor patented roach powder as a traditional Chinese medicine (TMC).  Not only entrepreneurs are already cashing in on cockroach breeding, but also China has a booming trade in cockroaches that can earn as much as 1200 yuan per kilogram, or $89 per pound.

Weird enough yet?  I think on top of the image of over 1 million cockroaches swarming my home and city, the even scarier part came when Treehugger reports,
"Insect farming is gaining supporters in the Americas and Europe as a sustainable food source...." 
May the world incentivize "Go Farming, Young Men" long long before that day actually comes.