Saturday, August 17, 2013

iPhone 5C Photos Leaked on Weibo

By Asia Pop Culture

Graphic Source: Jimmy Lin downloaded from

Despite the success of iPhone, iPad in China, last month, Apple reported a 14% drop of sales from a year ago in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Apple's long been rumored to be in the process of launching a low-cost iPhone 5C as part of the answer to its lower-priced rivals such as Samsung, HTC. Apparently, the rumor stops here as Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin (林志穎) just leaked 2 photos of iPhone 5C (see pics at the right) at his Weibo on Aug. 15.  (btw, in case you are wondering, Jimmy has over 20 million fans on Weibo)

CNet Asia reported that
"the new iPhone will be priced below the standard iPhone and will be aimed at consumers in rapidly growing (but budget conscious) developing markets."  
It'd be interesting to see how Apple is going to price and market this new phone considering one iPhone 4 is said to cost about 8,000 RMB (around $3,000 OMG) in China.

I personally like the bigger screen of Samsung's Galaxy phones, but it looks like Apple has decided to stick with the smaller screen, which I think might not be a good selling point in China.

Interestingly, Jimmy Lin also was the one who leaked an iPhone 5 prototype on Weibo last year, which makes this iPhone 5C pics more credible.  I guess he gets access to all the latest gadget since he also owns a surveillance technology company among his massive business portfolio.  (Jimmy Lin is a Mandopop star born in Taiwan, and has turned into a race car driver and a very successful business man.)