Wednesday, August 28, 2013

China: The Land of Roof Top Villas?

By Asia Pop Culture

About two weeks ago, I posted a clip from CBS about a villa on the roof top of a 26-story building in Beijing.  That villa was built without proper permit by a 'well-connected' rich Chinese man who used to be some sort of advisor to the Chinese Communist Party.

Well, it did not take long after this instant international and viral fame before the government took action as Nanaimo Daily reported,
"....authorities have given him an ultimatum: within 15 days, he must provide papers supporting his legal claim to his rooftop property or be busted.... Authorities took action only after photos of the villa were splashed across Chinese media.
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Apparently, demand for real estate is high in China, this one in Beijing is hardly unique.  According to the news article, the government also went after the owner of 25 villas built right on top of a Hengyang supermarket complex (pictured below). But Chinese courts allowed the 'developer' to keep the villas intact under a condition that he maintains full ownership of the villas.

Graphic Source: Weird Asia News

However, I'd not be surprised that all this sudden vigilance could just be a formality responding to China leader Xi Jinping's vow to crack down on official corruption, and Beijing's recent push to demolish illegal structures.  After all, in China, the rich and connected routinely receive special treatment, while bureaucracy, bribery and corruption run rampant.